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Welcome to Gomel State Medical University

The Gomel state medical university this dynamically developing
establishment of the education widely known in Belarus and abroad as the
center of the “Supreme Medical Education” and a medical science. Now
the structure of high school includes 5 faculties, 68 Specialties including
16 clinical, 12 rates in structure of faculties, and also the Central research

The successes of medicine of the 21 century are determined not only by
achievements of fundamental applied sciences, biology, recent
engineering designs, but, to a significant extent, by people who realize
outcomes of theoretical innovations into practical medicine. Therefore,
preparation of the competent doctor possessing deep scientific
knowledge, skilled in diagnostic and medical technologies, is one of the
main issues of a higher medical school. The Gomel State Medical
University completely corresponds to the status of a modern University and
is recognized by every part of the world.

The graduates of the University work in clinics of different cities of the
Republic of Belarus, Newly Independent States and Western Europe,
Middle East and Asia.

Today, Gomel State Medical University has:
•    600 highly-qualified professors and assistant professors;
•    34 departments, 5 profile research laboratories and a central research
•    18 large clinics equipped in modern way;
•    the clinical base of the University is the best in Belarus, advanced
medical technologies on diagnostic and treatment of endocrinology,
cardiologic, immunologic, hematology, ophthalmologic, oncology and other
diseases are applied;
•    More than 5000 (including more than 1300 overseas) students taught
at 5 faculties of the University;
•    The library with rich volume of books and access to Internet, three
reading halls enabling adequate preparation for the educational process;
•    modem hostels with comfortable flats,
lounges and physical training room,
sports base;
•        Computer classes with access to Internet. For the years of its
existence, the University has prepared more than 2000 doctors. We have
foreign students from Poland, Turkey, Russia, China, Vietnam, Lebanon,
Iran, South America, India, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Newly Independent States
and Western Europe.

The international relations
We support and we develop versatile contacts to medical high schools of
near and far abroad. We have international cooperation with Universities
of pediatrics Ygilonsk of university (Krakow, Poland), by a scientific
organization of young scientists and students of Gdansk university
(Poland), clinic of a children's diabetes of Florence (Italy), the military -
rehabilitation center of are established. Ragama (Sri Lanka), medical
faculty of university of Aberdeen (Scotland), three universities in USA and
Kind relations maintained with many medical high schools and scientific
research institute of Russia.

In the country of "rising sun" the word "radiation", as well as in Belarus,
associates with a pain and losses. In the cooperation agreement with the
Japanese colleagues the basic stress – carrying out of joint researches in
the field of diseases induced by radiation and pathologies, search of the
most effective ways of their treatment. The exchange of students and
teachers became good tradition in relations between the Gomel state
medical university and universities and universities of Japan. Seen results
are brought carried out at support of the Japanese memorial fund of
health "Sasakava" with the project on introduction of a telemedicine.

Since 2001 the university works above performance of the Japan -Belarus
project "Telemedicine" on which the network from 20 workstations and a
powerful server with an output through fiber-optical connection with the
Belarus state medical university, Republican medical library, BelCMT and
Universities in cities Nagasaki (Japan) and Aberdeen (Scotland) was
established and ready to start-up, and also medical institutions of the
Gomel area. At university began release of own multimedia manuals.

On October, 24, 2005 solemn signing the Agreement on the Academic
cooperation between the Center of medical sciences of the Texas
technical university and Establishment of education « Gomel state medical
university » has taken place. The agreement provides active cooperation
in the field of a science, an exchange of students and the faculty,
participation in the international scientific conferences, a joint spelling of
scientific works. Cooperation between our universities began 3 years ago.


Faculty of General Medicine for Overseas Students
Faculty of Pediatric
Faculty of Dentistry
Medical - diagnostic faculty
Medical - preventive faculty
Faculty on preparation of experts for foreign countries

Faculty of General Medicine for Overseas Students

Faculty of General Medicine for Overseas Students was established in
2000 and in terms of the number of its student’s rates second in the
University. The Faculty unites about 1300 students from more than 138
countries of the world.  
The Faculty prepares general practitioners, its graduates are conferred
the profession of a Physician and the degree of a Doctor of Medicine. Post-
graduation study, clinical residence and training in various spheres of
medicine are also available for the overseas students.
Within the years of its existence the Faculty has prepared more than 140
doctors who work as physicians, podiatrists, surgeons, obstetricians-
gynecologists, anesthesiologists in medical institutions worldwide.      
The faculty provides with a premedical education where students study
subjects necessary for enrollment to the University (Russian language,
biology, chemistry, mathematics, physics) for 10 months.
The period of study in the University is 6 years. The first three years the
students study fundamental subjects such as human anatomy, histology,
biology, chemistry, physics, Latin languages, philosophy. Each subject is
evaluated at winter and summer exams. Starting from the 4th year the
students take their courses on the clinical premises of the University – in
hospitals, out-patient clinics, in the Republican Research Centre of
Radiation Medicine and Human Ecology, and other medical facilities of the
city. Students get deep knowledge of internal and surgical diseases,
obstetrics and gynecology, medical aids, prophylaxis, treatment of heart
vascular system, traumas, infectious diseases, oncology, neurology,
pediatrics, drug addiction and psychosomatic diseases, internal diseases
and many others. At the end of the 4th, 5th and 6th years of study
students have nursery, out-patient and doctoral trainings respectively and
have 1 or 1.5 months holiday. Upon graduation from the university the
students pass final state exams and are issued diplomas.
Students of the faculty are provided with all facilities to receive deep
knowledge and professional skills. Subjects are taught by the experienced
teachers in both Russian and English languages.
Successive students who engage themselves into research are welcomed
to continue their education at the clinical residence and post-graduation
If you decided to become a Doctor, welcome to our University. To be
enrolled to the faculty of General Medicine for Overseas Students, please
provide us with the following documents:

1.        GCSE duly certified;
2.        Medical certificate of health state.
3.        National passport
4.        6 recent photos sized 4x6 cm.
6.        Academic transcript (translated into Russian or English duly

Belarus and Gomel

Belarus is borders Russia to the east, Ukraine to the south, Poland to the
west, and Lithuania and Latvia to the north. Its capital is Minsk and Gomel
is cultural centre of Belarus. The country was referred to in English as
"White Russia", although this is a slight mis-translation. The correct
translation is "White Rus'", which either describes the area of Eastern
Europe populated by Slavic people or the various states that occupied the

The climate of Belarus is temperate-continental with mild and damp winter
and warm summer. The warmest period is May-September, the average
monthly temperature in this period is about +13 - +19°C. The warmest
month is July, the coldest one is January.

Different spheres of Belarusian art and first of all architecture, were
connected not only with Russian art but also with Eastern Europe art and
with Western Medieval art. This is one of the peculiarities of Belarusian
architecture. For centuries architects engineers, artists of different
nationalities (Italians, Flamands, French, Germans, Belgians, Poles,
Lithuanians, Russians) worked here. Frequent wars on the territory of
Belarus had a significant influence on the development of town planning
and architecture. Many towns were encircled by walls and towers forming a
developed defensive system. In the most cases fortifications were wooden
but there were walls and towers made partially or wholly of stone.

Gomel is situated in the south-east of Belarus on the picturesque bank of
river Sozh. Gomel today is a huge regional city with highly developed
infrastructure and large number of industrial enterprises which produce
competitive products known worldwide. Large number of its universities
and colleges welcome thousands of students annually.
Gomel is also a cultural centre of Belarus. Each year different festivals,
concerts and exhibitions are organized in the city. There are three
theatres, a circus which is popular not only with children, but also with
adults, a Philharmonic, 18 libraries, lots of interesting museums and
galleries, cinemas. Central Culture and Rest park attracts children and
adults by its merry-go-rounds and other kinds of entertainment.

Gomel provides its citizens with the wide net of medical services. Large
number of clinics, research institutes and recreation centers are aimed to
health care of the population.
8 stadiums, 19 swimming pools, Ice Palace, a horse hall and 40 sports
schools provide various facilities for sports and recreation. Certain number
of Gomel sportsmen became world and Olympic champions in different
years. Local hockey and football team won national cups for several times.
Gomel has stable international links and is twinned with several overseas
cities: Clermont Ferrand in France, Aberdeen in Scotland, and Random in
More than 700.000 citizens of Gomel admire its moderate climate
determined by the geographic position of the city. The average
temperature here is -10°C in winter and +20°C in summer.
Citizens of Gomel love their city and are open to its guests.
Hostel room
1/ Alexander A. Kozlovsky (M.D; Ph.D; Vice
_rector on Education , Assitant Professor,
Pediatry Department
2/ Mr B.Danushka Cooray (BE.Eng-Aeronautical,
Chairman of RCHE & Representation of the
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