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University level studies: University level First stage: Simultaneously with
the Diploma of Higher Education, it is possible to obtain the Bachelors
Degree which is granted to students who obtain marks of 4 and 5. They
must follow 300 additional hours of instruction which are given
simultaneously with the basic course that entitles one to a university
diploma. Hence, the period of training (4-5 years) remains the same. The
Bachelors curriculum includes fundamental scientific subjects,
psychology and pedagogical subjects and a foreign language.
Applicants must sit for the Bachelors examination. The academic degree
of Bachelors specifies the speciality, it is granted by the State examining
Board and is certified by a Bachelors Degree.

University level Second level: Holders of the Bachelors degree or those
who have passed the Bachelors training course examinations can follow
a Master curriculum. One- to two- year advanced study programmes lead
to the Master's Degree. The course comprises study in the chosen
speciality in accordance with an individual curriculum, research on the
theme of the Masters thesis and a public presentation of the latter. On
completing the curriculum, students are awarded the academic degree of
Masters, specifying a given speciality (Masters of economic sciences,
Masters of technical sciences, etc.) which is certified by the Diploma of

University level Third stage Postgraduate: This stage corresponds to the
training of scientific and pedagogical personnel. There is a two-level
system of scientific degrees. The first is that of Candidate of Sciences. It
requires at least 3 years of study in postgraduate courses, special
examinations and the public defence of a thesis. Following this, the
student is awarded the degree of Candidate of Sciences. The second
level is that of Doctor of Sciences. Holders of the Candidate of Sciences
can prepare a Doctorate. After following the required research
programme, candidates are awarded the highest scientific degree of
Doctor of Sciences. The thesis is also defended in public. The
Dissertation Councils are supervised by the State Supreme Certifying
Committee (Vysshij Attestatsionnyj Komitet, VAK) of the Republic of
Belarus. It is possible to do doctorate research and sit for a scientific
degree while not following postgraduate courses. Higher education and
research establishments support such persons and provide them with a
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